New Proxy Sites 2012


Here is the new post for New Proxy Sites for the year 2012, which will be updated on a regular basis for all the Daily Techie fans out there.

You can use these proxy websites to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and many other popular sites.

These new proxy sites are collected from various source on the web for you. We cannot guarantee if the sites are working at any given point of time, simply because they are blocked by firewalls from your school, office and ISP providers.

We are providing these sites not in the form of a link, so that it will last longer without getting blocked. Please copy paste these links in your web browser to see if the proxies are working. Let us know if any of these sites are not working so that we can update the list. Do tell us the purpose you use these proxy sites if you feel like.

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New Proxy Sites 2012

Here are some of the New Proxy Sites for 2012:

New Proxy Sites Updated on – 28th November 2012

You can always get more latest proxy sites from the following sites:




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  • m

    please send me free daily proxy

  • JaAnna Brown

    help me facebook is my life

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  • mah

    pleas send me newest proxy site to my email tnks

  • jack

    please send newest daily proxy sites to my email. thanks :)

  • ali

    please send me newest proxy site to my email.tnks

  • mohammad Ab

    Please Send Me Newest Proxy Site To My Email. Tnks.

  • andre

    plz send to me

  • mreish

    pleas send me newest proxy site to my email

  • josh

    please send some facebook proxy sites to my email please ASAP thanks

  • Rochelle

    send me updates please

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  • Shontaya

    PLEASE send daily proxy sites to my email . NONE of the ones up here work _-_ . i am desperatley in need of some youtube & facebook :) .

  • Keyton

    Please send me some new porxy;s when ever you get them so i can actually have fun on the internet

  • Isaac

    Please send me a link i need one for facebook.

  • Dude

    Great list, please add my too:


  • jessica

    i need a new proxy to get on facebook in skewl!!!!! NOW

  • fff

    pleas send me newest proxy site to my email tnks

  • junadi khan

    how can i change my proxy any body tell n teach me da proceeder may i thank full to him/her therer is my e mail id cintect me on it

  • josh

    Please send new proxy to my email

  • Dave

    Please send most updated proxies as frequent as possible

  • hana

    plz send new proxy to my e-mail

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  • Lulu

    School has all of these blocked except for kislay but that one doesn’t work on sites.

    • Kamal Hasa

      I have added a lot of new proxy sites now. Hopefully it will help you get access to blocked sites..

  • reza

    pleas send me newest proxy site to my email tnks

    • Kamal Hasa

      Hi Reza, This post is updated frequently with new proxy sites. If you want to receive proxy sites via email then I would suggest you to sign up for proxy newsletters online. Just Google it..

      • payam

        hi kamal but in iran this sites are all have proxy and can not access to them?what should we do?

        • Kamal Hasa

          Hi Payam, Iran and other countries are very strict about censorship. So I guess the sites are blocked by recognizing the script used for these sites or even the domain names. That is why I try to avoid posting sites which actually has those easily blockable words..

  • hanieh

    can u send the newest proxy sites list to my email?
    cuz in this country they update their filttering system every month!

  • Ali

    pleas send me newest proxy site to my email tanks

  • Mike

    Please send newest proxy sites to my email

  • Raj

    these sites are not working,, please share some more effictive sites.

  • babak

    hi.i live in iran.
    in iran facebook is filter
    plz send me one proxy or tor.

  • arash

    these sites are not working,, please share some more effictive sites.

  • abood

    ajab hamvatan haie badbakhti daram

  • nategh

    vaghan badbakhtid

  • jojo

    hi i am from Pakistan,we have no more youtube server ,plz send me one proxy for it,i will be vary grateful for it

  • milad

    hi all ur web proxy sites not working even which u send to my mail i live in iran send me the most powerfull proxy web site

  • Jason

    Not one site works for me we have websense remote filtering at durant oklahoma in our highschool its so boring and they block like every site I NEED HELP

    • Kamal Hasa

      New Proxy sites are updated to the list.. Sorry for the delay..

    • kjsdr

      HOLY CRAP, i live in Hugo, Ok…….do you know Temple Rabon or Kalan Maxwell

  • Sam

    my problem is that these proxies let me access youtube but they don’t play the videos. I’m in pakistan, btw.

  • 2183

    hey im a high skool student plz some mi proxy

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  • spencer

    please send youtube proxy

  • Anon

    Sadly, my school has blocked every single site you have linked to.

  • ariya

    hi i live in iran plz send me one proxy thanks

  • Unknown Ta You

    Yeah, These sites are all blocked.. Post some better ones.

  • ayana

    plz snd me youtube proxy plzzzzzzzzz

  • Nk Raja

    plzzzzzzzz send me utubb proxy

  • Sammi :3

    my school blocked ALL of these please help! i dont wanna reboot this stupid thing v.v ;-; pwease help me! :3 thanks :D

  • Anon

    This didn’t even work. Most them, I didn’t understand, others didn’t work.

  • govinda lamichhane

    i need anew proxy site to get facebook unblocked . which has been blocked by the it department. reply in comment