Download SPG Keyless app for Android and iPhone

Mobile phones have become an integral part of everybody’s life throughout the world. And it comes in with no surprise that it has become the most used utility gadget ever. Mobile phones much like the Internet have taken the world by storm and for all the good reasons.

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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) Media Day 2015 (Press Release)

A couple of days back I was invited for the media Day of Robert Bosch engineering and business solutions (RBEI) in Bangalore. I had the opportunity to be part of an event that was focused on the future of the world in many ways. … [Continue reading]

Asus ZenFone 5 – A Basic Overview

Asus ZenFone 5

The impact that Asus ZenFone 5 has had in the Indian market is incredible. It’s like Asus hit the right chord with the mid-segment market where consumers want the best mobile phones for the best prices. … [Continue reading]

The LG G2 4G LTE Powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor

Here is the new LG G2 Smartphone that touches the highs of perfection with the help of Qualcomm and Airtel 4G LTE. The LG G2 Smartphone powered by Qualcomm (snapdragon 800) processor has been launched in India and it has received positive reviews … [Continue reading] – Video Chat using Facebook Login is a free video chat website from the creators of You can use your Facebook account to login to the website and connect with your friends and also other people with similar interests. … [Continue reading]

Download Fring App – Make Free Calls, Text and Video Calls

A lot of the smartphone users across the world manage to save money for texts, video calls and even for voice calls with the help of some free mobile apps . One such app that has been developed for the Android, iOS community is the Fring, which gives … [Continue reading]

Olx India – Free Classifieds Website

Online shoppers from India have the opportunity to extend their shopping to a popular meta web based mall. We’re talking about (OLX India) a fully-fledged portal which allows users to purchase just about anything they can think of. But … [Continue reading]

Download Mozilla Thunderbird – Free Email Client

You can access various email accounts right from your computer desktop when you Download Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email client for Windows, MAC OS and Linux. You can import your existing email right into the Thunderbird email client. Let us read … [Continue reading]