Download the Gtalk Messenger or Better Login to Gtalk Online



Do you want the official link to download Google Talk? Or do you want to Login to Gtalk online without downloading the official messenger?

Lucky you, if you chose the second option then we have compiled a BIG list of websites which are actually Online Messengers for Google talk and other popular messengers like MSN, Yahoo Messenger and Facebook Chat.

By using the below sites you can see your friends Online Status and also Chat with them for free. There is absolutely no need to download Gtalk messenger to stay online and chat with anyone on the Internet. Some of the sites might be blocked in your company and schools, so check out the entire list for the ones which still work. None of the sites are from Google or Gtalk, they are all just free online tools to access Gtalk online through apps.

Before we list out the sites here is the official link to Download Google Talk Messenger:

You can also simply login to your Gmail account and access Google Talk right from your mail account. Visit now!

Anyways here are some of the alternate ways to access Gtalk and Login to your IM account for free without the messenger itself. Although Colleges and Workplaces love blocking these sites I really don’t see a good reason why they do that!


Web Messenger EU has all the top Online Messenger sites in 1 single page. So its like the mother of all messengers online if you may.


This Online Messenger along with many other websites listed here is the perfect solution to eliminate the compatibility issues and various error messages that you might come across installing the software. These web messengers work with any OS and many popular Internet browsers and this should save you some useful time and headaches.


Gtalk Online

3) is another website where you can get to Gtalk sign in page and use it like a normal Instant Messenger. Also don’t forget to download and install the IMO app for your mobile device and stay connected to your Gtalk friends all the time.

4) is one of the most popular website among the various Online Messenger sites on the web. Login to Ebuddy and then start adding various other IM accounts for free.


Want to Login to Google Messenger on the Internet? Then check out KoolIm now.


IMStatusCheck can be used to Login to Google talk on the web for free.


There is no need to sign up for an account with IwantIM but if you do you can access the previous chat logs from your account.

x) (Google has acquired Meebo and the site is gone now)

The ever popular is no more, thanks to Google’s acquisition.

If none of these sites work or you need more such sites then check out my other post Yahoo Online Messenger, which has got plenty of related websites that might be useful to you.

I hope these methods (Online IM tools) will work for you, and be able to access Gtalk Online. If you feel this post about Online Gtalk Messengers is useful then please share it on your Facebook Profile and with your friends!

We would love to see your comments, opinions or even your user experience with these IM websites. Help us grow this list and help each other by adding new or unknown websites that can be used to access popular Instant Messengers online for free.


  • piyush sharma

    thanks for providing needful information for those people who do not acces gtalk on office.

    • priya

      pls send me the new gtalk sites through which i can easily chat with my friends? here in my college all sites are blocked? no sites work? pls its request pls? send me

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  • Sat

    i like it

  • Chidozie

    It fast quick its splending in time of chat

  • dharmendra

    Its really cool…..

  • Adexbaby3

    why is it so difficult to register to ur account

    • Kamal Hasa

      Are you getting any errors while registering for Gtalk?? Or when you are trying to login to Gtalk??

      • Private

        its blocked by my company… Is there any other way to get gtalk online?

  • Abdul Basith