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Eset Online Scanner is used to remove malware such as viruses, trojans, Spyware and Worms from your computer. This is definitely useful in case if you do not have any protection software installed on your computer and wish to eliminate any infected files that your system might have.

The Eset online scanner is powered by the famous Eset ThreaSense engine which is quite powerful in detecting any virus or spyware that your computer has. The virus scanner is always run on the latest virus signatures (definitions) and you can be sure that no threat gets undetected with Eset.

It will only take a couple of minutes for the scanner to download the latest Eset virus signatures and you should be good to go. Just remember to block or disable any other protection softwares like Mcafee, Norton, Avira etc before you begin to scan. This is because multiple security softwares can slow down your computer and the functionality of both the softwares can be ineffective. Sometimes it might also freeze your computer leaving you with only option to restart the computer.

The best part about this online scanner is that it completely free and does a fine job of detecting malware. The job does not end there, Eset online scanner quarantines so that you can completely remove it from your computer.

Eset Online Scanner

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You can run the Online scanner if you have any of the following Microsoft Windows Operating Systems:

1) Windows 7

2) Vista

3) Windows XP

4) Windows 2000 and NT

Eset online scanner works on both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS. Ensure that you have at least 32 MB of memory (in 2012 everybody does) and an recommended disk space of about 30 MB. Also remember to login as the system administrator or else you will not be able to run the scanner.

You can either use the default Internet browser from Microsoft i.e. IE6 and above with ActiveX or use other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc.

So go ahead and scan your computer for free and remove any threats if you have on your PC now:

The current version of the Eset Online scanner comes with Anti-rootkit technology so you can be sure that it is detected and removed from your computer as well.

You can check out the following link for help when using the scanner as well:

It’s 2012 and the malware creators do everything to infect your computer. So it is best recommended for you to install a standard antivirus software on your computer to be safe while browsing the Internet. In case if you are not able to visit the Eset Online Scanner page because of some troublesome malware then here is the direct link for you to download it:

Check out this video about how to use the scanner:

If you ever decide to uninstall Eset Online Scanner then simply visit Programs and features (Add or remove) on your computer to remove it.

When you scan with the Eset Scanner any infected objects would be quarantined ensuring the safety of your computer. You get to choose if you want to retain the files or delete it forever.

The newer version of the online scanner also has an option to scan a particular destination on your computer. Eset has become one of the most popular computer security software companies on the Internet and we are sure that new features and technologies would be implemented as time goes by.

We hope that many of you out there on the Internet will make a good use of Eset Online scanner for your computer. If you want to share anything about this software do let us know and remember to share this post on your Facebook wall so that others know about this as well.

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