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Ask Jud is a free virtual tarot reader website which can answer any of your questions in an instant. It is a similar website like Peter and can be used to secretly trick and fool your friends easily.

Just type in any question and AskJud can answer it in no time. The question can be related to you, your friend or anything in this world. Sounds too good, doesn’t it?

Well, in reality Ask Jud is a simple website script that has to be used in a prescribed way. By doing this you can easily trick your friends and make them believe that is something out of this world.

There are hundreds of websites out there which explains to you How works. Among them has the best tutorial on how to use Ask Jud and also the trick behind it as well. AskJud .com has nothing to do with magic or anything like that. Peter Answers and Ask Jud work on a similar programming script and have become popular among the school and college going kids.

Ask Jud

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When you enter you will see a page which has two text boxes in it. In the first box you have to enter the petition and in the second you have to enter the question that you want Ask Jud to answer.

In the Ask Jud petition box you should always enter the following:

Jud, please answer:


Jud, please answer the following:

Always remember to put in either of the two petitions with a colon or else Ask Jud will not work.

And coming to the question part, you can ask any question you want but you should not forget to end it with a question mark (?).

We at would not want to confuse you about the Ask Jud trick so we’ll keep it short and simple.

* Before you enter the petition you should know the answer to the question that your friend is going to ask or even a vague answer that might perplex him/her would do.

So when you enter the petition remember to type a period (.) and then enter the answer which will not be visible to anyone, even you. And then end with a period as well. While you do this the system automatically starts typing the actual petition no matter what answer you are typing using the keyboard. So when you have done typing the answer just end it with a period and continue typing the rest of the semi filled petition.

Try practicing this trick before you perform it on your friends because you don’t want to appear like a fool right if it does not go as planned?

We are also going to provide you will the following links to help you understand about the Ask Jud Secret:




So that’s about Ask Jud the infamous virtual tarot website online, which can answer to all of your questions. If you know any other sites like then let us know and we will post about it as well.


  • kassidy

    wtf ive been going to ask and this is not working i totaly belive in it but its not working i cant type in the petion thing HELP!!!!!!!

    • Kamal Hasa

      Hi Kassidy, I just tried it and it works correctly.. Are you copy pasting the petition?? If you are then I would suggest you to type it manually..

  • George Kush

    hey i have spend more then 30 min on your website and i got all that stuff for what i was searching. You have made a very good website and well degined…
    Plz take care of it properly…..