Watch Full YouTube Movies – Free and Paid Rentals



You can now watch full movies on YouTube and many of the movies are free and legal to watch online.

This might come in as a surprise to many of you out there, you will definitely be amazed to discover this. You can now watch full length movies for free right from your home using YouTube.

This is the link that one needs to click on to find out the great collection of movies provided to you by YouTube, the favorite video site on the Internet.

Here it is:

I am from India and I can confirm one thing for sure that the above link takes you to a dedicated page of full length movies exclusively for the Indian crowd:

Watch YouTube Full Movies:

However I have also found that the first link in this post also takes to a customized Youtube free movies pages dedicated to individual countries for UK and USA as well.

YouTube Full Movies
YouTube Full Movies

1) Youtube Movies USA:

2) Youtube Movies UK:

3) Youtube Movies Australia:

4) Youtube Movies Canada:

5) For other countries try this link:

These are some of the country specific URL that I discovered while searching for more information about free movies on YouTube.

YouTube movie rentals is the more appropriate term for this wonderful service provided by them. Apart from a huge selection of free movie there are a plenty of movies especially new releases which are available to be streamed for a price. Yes, paid movies on YouTube is not a reality and I for one am really happy.

This is the way to go in order to tackle online piracy but also considering the fact that not everyone on the Internet is ready to shell huge sum I think prices needs to go down a little. This would allow YouTube to create a market of users who are willing to pay than download it illegally elsewhere. There are numerous reports on the web that individuals are served with notices by the production houses for obtaining copies of movies. So considering this I think YouTube has to come up with a better pricing plan.

Pricing apart, I think YouTube has done something unthinkable and awesome. Bringing various movie production houses and helping them and us with Video on demand service is really something we need to appreciate.

As for as the Indian version of the YouTube full movies page goes you can now enjoy movies from various different languages (like Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam) for free and some newly released movies for a small amount of money.

Let us know your valuable comments on how Full Movie on YouTube can impact the theatres and DVD rentals.

Did you know: Now you can rent and watch movie directly from an Android device. Visit Google Play store and check it out today!