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Here it is the complete list of TELUS Customer Service Number if you want to get technical support or customer support with TELUS services.

TELUS is a telecommunication company in Canada which provides the following services: Internet and Broadband services, Entertainment, Satellite TV and Telephone services.

Telus incorporates CDMA 2000, IDEN, and HSPA+ based mobility phone networks for its services and it is also a member of British Columbia Technology Industry Association. TELUS is a telecommunication company in Canada which provides the following services: Internet and Broadband services, Entertainment, Satellite TV and Telephone services.

TELUS incorporates CDMA 2000, IDEN, and HSPA+ based mobility phone networks for its services and it is also a member of British Columbia Technology Industry Association. TELUS Company’s headquarters is in Burnaby, British Columbia and it is the second largest telecom company next to Bell Canada.

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TELUS Customer Service Number

You can call TELUS Customer Service Number on 780-493-4401 to reach a direct human but you have to wait on an average of 20 minutes.

Here is the list of Telus Customer Service Number that might be useful to you if you have of their services for your home or business:



Residential Clients
Group Call Reason Service
Phone Internet TV
Client Care – Activations
– Billing
– Account modifications
– Renewals
– Technical Support
310-MYTV (6988)
Technical Support – Troubleshooting 611 310-TECH (8324) 310-MYTV (6988)
Business Clients
Group Call Reason Contact Number
Business Billing – Billing Enquiries
– Transfer of Business Ownership
– Account Modifications
– Payments
310-9900 Within AB/BC
1-888-883-8380 Outside AB and CAN/US
1-800-667-5041 Outside BC
1-877-310-6110 SK/MB/ON/Maritimes
Emerging Business Billing – Billing Enquiries
– Transfer of Business Ownership
– Account Modifications
– Payments
310-0404 Within AB/BC
1-877-710-0404 Outside AB/BC
Credit – Suspension / disconnection notice
– Payment arrangements
– Reconnects
310-2500 Within AB/BC
1-888-811-2500 Outside AB/BC
Sales & Service – Add or change an account
– Telephone or Fax
– Internet / ADSL
– Long Distance
– Toll-free
– Calling card
– Directory Listing
– Shared Hosting
310-3100 Within AB/BC
1-800-361-3311 AB and CAN/US
1-888-811-2828 BC
1-877-310-6110 SK/MB/ON/Maritimes
1-877-520-1212 TELUS Quebec
TELUS Internet Services – Dialup or High Speed Internet Service
1-877-310-4NET (4638) Within AB/BC
1-866-GO TELUS
Outside AB/BC
Phone/Voice Repair – For all Business Voice and Centrex Repair Up to 3 lines 

611 AB/BC/TQ

More than 3 lines

310-3131 AB
1-800-663-0333 BC
1-888-611-9988 Ont & Maritimes
Internet / ADSL / Mainstream Technical Support – Repair
– Troubleshooting
– Support
310-TECH (8324)
1-877-310-TECH (8324)
Within AB and BC
1-888-611-9988 ON/Maritimes
Business One – Business One ONLY – Support for voice, data, and applications 1-888-977-9898
CPS – CPS Customer Premise Solutions equipment troubles
310-4700 Within AB/BC
1-866-399-8123 Outside AB/BC
Shared Hosting – To order shared website and email hosting
– Technical support
Business Enhanced Data Repair – Management equipment troubles
1-800-706-1745 AB
1-800-268-2099 BC
1-866-507-8093 ON


Cellular, PCS and other Wireless Services
Group Call Reason Contact Number
Client Care – Activations
– Billing
– Account modifications
– Renewals
Data and Network Assistance – Troubleshooting 1-866-558-2273


Group Call Reason Contact Number
SMB Corporate
Client Care 1-866-558-2273 1-800-672-6095
Support – Troubleshooting 1-866-558-2273 1-800-672-6095
Contact Number
Residential web site support 1-877-698-3587
Business web site support 1-800-706-1745
Calling cards (lost, stolen, or found) 1-888-308-2222
Canada Direct 1-800-646-0000
Directory Assistance (local and long distance – Canada & US 411
Directory Assistance (coin operated telephones) 1-area code-555-1212


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You can also contact Telus Customer Service Number by email:

In Philippines TELUS is known as TELUS International where they have workforce of more than 9000 employees who work as customer support for Canada operations and also other Business Process Services.

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  • Walter Sartisohn


    Our Internet was down for 2 days the other day and we thought it was our Computer System, that was at fault!
    We just heard on the news here in the Victoria, BC area, that Telus had some major Internet problems in this area!
    A suggestion — it would help a lot, if all affected Telus Customers could be advised through the media, if a similar problem occurs in the future! This would eliminate countless customer hours of attempting to reconfigure and ‘fix’ their Computer Systems, when the problem is with you, the Provider!
    We also heard a few minutes ago, that many large Companies and some Governments were hacked into and we also heard some
    rumors that Telus was also hit!!!
    Please advise!
    Thank you, Walter and Birgitt Sartisohn —
    North Saanich, BC and


    Someone came toinstall new connction but he left saying will come tomorrow, that mean today, between 10.00~12.00 am. But nobody apper ro gave a call, this this the way telus work?. I have to pick up my 6 yers daughter from the school by 2.45 pm. Waht is happinig, od I need to get day off tomorrow, who will pay for mr today. This is reduculas.


  • Evelyn Bro

    Please can you hook up my tv. at my new address # C 3711 24 ave., Vernon b.c. v1t-1l7 phone is 250-542-7282 WE have tried to many times put could not get though . so I am tring this way. I have all the stuff here. put you need to come do the rest. please come as you can. thank you Evelyn Bro acc.# 600777992 9

  • helen

    we need phone repair.have left 2 messages one from mycell phone and 1 on windows .and now this .6044611860 .thats our no. you can ring us but we dont hear it and we cannot phone out.please repair soon .helen

  • Mart Griesel

    TELUS is the worst when it comes to after sales service. I had my TELUS OPTIC TV installed about a month ago. The TELUS technician did not do a good job. He disconnected my DVD/VIDEO player from my TV and connected the TELUS aparatus. Now I cannot play DVD’S or VIDEO’S. I am trying now for almost a month to get TELUS to come and help me but to no avail. What am I suppose to do???

  • Peter Van Bostelen

    Sereal years ago, our kids thought it would be wise for us to have a cell phone. They bought us the plan, a pay as you talk plan. Every month, an amount of $10.00 plus GST is added to the pool. We virtually never use this phone so we have now amassed some $270.00 of credits. But we cannot even use the phone outside Canada. I was told that if we should want to change our service, we would need to sign a contract and we would only get $70.00 credit thus losing $200.00! Our options seem to be, stop the service and lose the money deposited or use a phone that costs $0.25/min for a local call untill we have depleted tha amount in the kitty. This would be stupid as we pay for a land line that has unlimited local calls and long distance call at ony $0.04/min anywhere in the world. This doesn’t seem right to me. An acceptable option might be to stop topping up the kitty until it is down to an acceptable amount. To be continually charged for a service we are not using and losing all the money paid if we discontinue the service is unfair. It would be nice to have an option that I could convert to a system temporarily that would function outside Canada for the times we are outside Canada.

    • Raymond Lalobde

      It Seems to me that there is ONLY ONE Solution to The issue stated Above………….That Would Be To Sell The Phone That Amassed The $270.00 Credit to SomeOne that lives in Canada FULL TIME! If you’re unsure how to go about selling your Pay-As-You-Go Cell Phone…….Its Quite Simple! You can use IF your online in Canada or Simply want to sell it to Canadians as that website is a Canadian website! OR you can use Craig’s List (I’ve Heard that site is a fairly good site to use) Then you just make a quite Profile once you’re on the website, Then you just post your add put a picture up on the site with the make and model of the phone, How Much $$$ you’re asking!! Don’t forget to mention that it Only Has Canadian wireless Serive, AND How much Credit is left on the phone! Add in the Amount you’re asking for the phone……….And VOILA!!!! You Are All Done! Then all you do is sit and wait for people to Reply to your Add!

      That is OF COURSE IF You Still Have the Cell Phone in Question, and are having issues with said Phone!

      Anyways, I Hope this Reply Reaches you and Helps with your situation!
      GOOD LUCK And Take Care!

  • Chantal

    I can’t believe that in 2012, your company is using live wild animals for entertainmment/marqueting purposes. Your commercials should be pulled out. Animals in the entertainment business is unethical. I am a working woman, not representing any animal welfare organisation, and I am disturbed by you lack of respect for the animals and your lack of awareness. I spoke to a Jennifer at one of your constumer service number, and she was less than sympathetic with this issue. I would not for one minute consider your services, while represented by such commercials.

  • Norma Jensen

    We have been without home phone service for a month now. We have had three different deadlines for fixing the line from three different people. You cannot get through the 310 2255 repair number and I have used up a lot of my cellphone minutes lined up for “the next available agent”. I have the number from one of the first repairmen (who was supposed to be my contact for 30 days) but he now doesn’t return my calls. I don’t know why on earth they call it Repair SERVICE. It is not SERVICE in any sense of the word. We are out here waiting,waiting, waiting with really no idea what is going on. The right hand doesn’t seem to know what the left hand is doing. It is most frustrating that we cannot get hold of ANYONE. We are frustrated customers and our comments about Telus to friends and relatives are not positive.
    HELP! When is someone going to tell us what is going on?