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Peter Answers is a website which is termed as Virtual Tarot reader website.  Do you have a question that needs to be answered? Then is your solution!

It is very easy to use Peter Answers website but you just need to follow the instructions and that is all it takes for the Wise Peter to answer the toughest questions that you want answers for.

Before you get all hyped up just know 1 fact that this website is for pure fun. There is no real peter and its just a crazy program which answers to your questions.

Peter Answers 3.6 version website can be accessed through this url:

Peter Answers

Do not ever enter any personal or confidential information in Peter Answers because your privacy is more important than the answer that you are looking for.

How to use

1) Go to

2) Enter: ‘Peter, please answer the following question’ or ‘Peter, please answer’ in the Petition field.

3) In the next field enter any question of your choice.

4) Peter Answers will automatically show the result.

Sometimes the answers are funny and the other times the answers are purely astonishing. But in any case it just one of a kind of website that existed on the Internet until other sites like Peter Answers started to come into picture.

Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and few other languages are available apart from English on Peter Answers.

I just hope that you have a fun time with Peter Answers website and also it would be great if you can share this post with your friends and family on Facebook! Or simply use Gtalk Login to share this link with other online friends on messenger.


  • Ethel Jackson

    What boes my futher like good or bad

    • umesh kumar

      what is my name?

      • rituja

        what is my name?

        • ayichesh

          what is my full name

          • ezzah

            who is my crush

    • mohamed amine

      what is my name

  • mahdi

    i am16years
    i am a student

    • karen

      who cares if you are a student , specially saying it on this :L

  • genesis

    peter answers answer my question

    • arasukannu

      peter please answer my queyion what is my name?

    • safdar

      peter give my answer please what is my name

    • hosein

      peter pleas my answer what’s my name?

  • iyanna300

    peter please answer my question what school do i go to

  • fakaola

    peter please answer my question tell me all the codes that are not used in

    • Ahmed

      Peter Please Answer who sit with me now

  • izabell6221

    what school i go to?

    what is my name?

    what are my friends names?

    one more thing try not to freak me out coz im a little scared.

  • Kamal Hasa

    Guys and gals you gotta visit to ask question and not here lol 😛

  • kim

    peter please answer how old am i?

  • phoebe anne mataro

    peter.pls answer my question !

  • katrina

    peter please answer me..can we be friends?

  • akkati suresh

    i knew the secret

    • kzsoemoe

      I want to know my girl friend love me or not?

  • shivukumar

    it is not answering my questions properly

    • Chrisboy Elton Paulus

      That because peter is a dummy

  • Leva

    want peter answers to answer some of my question

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  • Lucy

    i accepted the peter answer as a funny game to all student from different country…….like it….

  • Lucy

    why peter kons about our future life and how he did he find out our future life?????????He is willing to answer my question……………..

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  • Areeha Akram

    peter is not answering my question…..

  • john

    who is this

    • peter answers

      i will answer your question later.bye

  • pratham

    what is my girl friends name

  • ismet limani



  • ismet limani

    what is my kar name

  • ismet limani

    what is my girl friends name

  • amin


  • zack

    what is the color of my breap

  • mariyam

    what is my boyfriend name ?

  • destiny

    what is my boyfriend name?

  • Nora Garcia

    how is my date life going ?

  • Nora Garcia

    am i going to get sent back to apple valley ? ;o

  • tahir

    i think it’s fake because he is not answering asingle question…..:>>>>

  • tahir

    i think it’s fake because he is not answering asingle question…..:>>>>

  • virajith

    will happiness come in my life ?
    will i get a job in microsft
    Will i ever be able to find that girl from the bus i travelled to colg ?
    Peter says crazy

  • Keepitpimpin Cowans Jr.

    peter is a bitch excuse my french. he wont answer none of my questions doe

  • jonna luna

    who is my boyfriend??

  • aris

    what is girlfriend of aris

  • negin

    peter che kasi mano dost dare?
    peter please answer my question