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Online shoppers from India have the opportunity to extend their shopping to a popular meta web based mall. We’re talking about www.olx.in (OLX India) a fully-fledged portal which allows users to purchase just about anything they can think of. But there’s a little caveat here. This is not an official store, but people posting ads in order to sell items. With the recent advancements in online shopping, traditional stores might end up one day devoid of customers?

Quickly start your Shopping experience with OLX.in

To start shopping on this Free Classifieds website you will have to sign up with an account and a password. This step is necessary, in order for the shoppers to be able to interact with potential sellers. After you successfully completed this step, you can start shopping by choosing the exact location you are doing the shopping from. One can choose a city ranging from Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or even Goa.

Finding your way around on OLX.in

It is advised for customer to choose a specific region as the ads displayed will cover only people posting from that region only. That way you can save up on the shipment costs as well. After you pre-narrowed you search, users can go on selecting the division they are interested in. OLX India is wonderful because it covers just about everything you can think of. One can find products from the Home and Lifestyle category (which includes Art-Collectibles-Hobbies, Books-Magazines, Pets-Pet Accessories and much more) to Vehicles or Mobile Phones.

OLX India

OLX India

Buy Stuffs on OLX.in

After finding your desired sub-category like Cameras and Camera Accessories, shoppers can start viewing the available items. Pictures might be posted within the ad, so you can get an idea of what you are going to purchase. If one has a limited budget on their hand, they can input a specific amount of money they are willing to pay for. The displayed results will cover only that price range. Ads are displayed in a list. Price and the date when the ad was posted are also shown. For more information on the item that appeals to you, click on the name or thumbnail. From the new window that opens you will be able to read more details about the item, and more importantly get the contact details of the person who is selling it. Some sellers even leave their phone numbers on the site. If they haven’t you can simply click the Reply this Add button.

What Olx.in brings extra from other websites of the type is that it offers ads for people looking for a job or those looking for a particular service. Looking for a nanny or a tech writer? You should check out the Services section on the website. More than that, the website might prove a cure for those lonely souls looking to fill the voids in their life. The Matrimonial category offers ad sections for those looking a Bride or a Groom.

www.Olx.in basically works on the principle of Ebay and can be considered an Indian alternative to the popular shopping site. However we noticed that there’s no system of ranking the sellers, so there’s always the risk that the person behind the ad might turn out to be a fake. Discretion is advised!

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