New Unblocked Proxy Sites for 2013


Here is a post with the latest Unblocked Proxy Sites for 2013 which are unblocked, these websites can help you access restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube from any part of the world.

To make sure that these proxy sites do not get blocked again and again we are not going to link it. So you just need to copy paste the url into your browser such as Chrome or Firefox. And then access the websites like you normally do.

If you are new to the proxy scene you might want to know that New Proxy Sites on the Internet have a very short time life. It either gets blocked by various firewalls, or simply die out.

Note: Proxy Sites are meant to be used for legal purposes and if you are going to misuse it, then be aware of the facts that your ip address might get traced back and you might get into trouble for it.

Unblocked Proxy Sites

Unblocked Proxy Sites


Unblock Me: (Updated on 17th April 2013)


What Websites can you Unblock?

Some of the popular Social networking, Video streaming websites that you can unblock using the mentioned new proxy sites are:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DailyMotion, MySpace, Ebay, Hotmail, Gmail and Meebo.

Why are Websites Blocked?

Blocking websites at Schools, colleges and Work are done for a reason, it’s simply because they deem the blocked sites as against the work policy or they assume that your productivity level would go down. On a larger scale a website might be blocked by your Government because of all the reasons that they can come up with.

Proxy Sites for a very long time now are looked at as websites which supports freedom of speech. So if you think along the same lines then use these tools to unblock websites and enjoy the Internet like it should be.

Lastly, I would want to say that this blog is entirely managed by me along with couple of other websites. I will try my best to update this page with new and unblocked proxy sites for the year 2013. Your comments are welcome, please use the form below to express your grievances or any feedback that you might want to provide me with.

And for those people who can access my site in their houses but not elsewhere I would suggest you to make a note of all the proxy sites on this page before you leave your house. Because chances are that might be blocked in your School or at work already!

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