New Unblocked Proxy Sites 2013


It’s been a long time since I made a post with the latest proxy sites on the Internet. With these unblocked proxy websites you can access various websites that might have been blocked from the computer that you’re accessing.

I have been requested many times to post proxy sites for Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.

I do not own any of these proxy sites but this is just a compilation of websites that are freely available on the Internet. Please make good use of these websites. These anonymous proxy sites hides your IP address from the public and lets you gain access to any website of your choice on the Internet.

Do not try to access websites that are blocked from your schools, colleges or at work. Sites are blocked mainly for a reason and you should not circumvent the firewalls or website blocking software. This might get you into trouble and most of all you should obey certain rules at certain places.

Many of these new proxy sites give you the ability to disable JavaScript, allow or disallow cookies and even block images from the website secure accessing through the proxy site.

New Proxy Sites 2013

New Proxy Sites 2013

Here is a list of proxy sites which are unblocked and can be used to access Facebook, YouTube and other popular websites by hiding your IP:

You can get new proxy sites from, and

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