MyAnimeList is a special social networking site for Anime and Manga fans from across the world. If you love Anime then you should register and login to MyAnimeList rightaway!

The anime website is currently owned by CraveOnlineMedia, part of Evolve media corp. The site has existed for over 9 years now and it’s more popular now more than ever before.

Initially MyAnimeList was started by a person named Garrett Gyssler in November 2004 and was a part of his personal site. In April 2006 the site was moved to the domain and became a huge success later on. CraveOnlineMedia, a men’s lifestyle website bought MyAnimeList in August 2008.

On you can find lists on Anime, Manga, Korean and Chinese animation, Manwha, manhua, light novels and much more. Garrett Gyssler, who is an anime fan himself found this site in order to share info about Anime and Manga TV shows. He built a catalog based website providing info about the show and also kept on adding the new anime shows from all over the world.


Go on check it out now but if you want to know more about the site then read further.

Currently over 40,000 users visit MyAnimeList everyday to check for latest updates in the world of Anime shows. The site helps you connect with fellow anime fans who are interested in the anime shows that you watch. This is one of the vital things that make this site popular. It follows on the concept of getting different people together based on their interests in different Anime and Manga shows.

If you look at the above screenshot that I took from the site you can see the founder Garrett’s profile. He is known by the alias Xinil on the website and you can see a lot of info about his activity on the site. You can check out the below link to his profile where you will find stuffs like his anime list updates, favorite anime and Manga, favorite characters and also Anime and Manga stats.

And this is a typical Anime list that you will find on this website:

On the homepage of MyAnimeList you will find related to Anime and Manga news, latest reviews and recommendations and clubs started by people.

You cannot, in any possible way watch Anime, Manga or other shows on this site. This free website is a social community of fans who like anime and who share similar interests. Wikipedia also mentions that this site often suffers from downtimes, slow loading due to database issues. like any other popular community has designated staff consisting of an Administrator (Xinil), Database administrators, Anime and Mange DB moderators, Forum moderators, News moderators and a company backing them up.

So this was our take on and we hope you found this useful in some way or the other. If you are an Anime fan and haven’t registered for a free account on this site then do it now!

Share it with your fellow Anime and Manga fans and tell them about this cool anime website.


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