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Here is a post on Microsoft Office 2013 beta software which details out the new features that you can find in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook.

Microsoft has recently released a preview of the latest Office suite, the MS Office 2013 beta. And just like every new release, Microsoft has added some new and better features to it. Compared to MS Office 2010 there are number of changes in this particular version that will interest you.

One of the main features of MS Office 2013 is that the user interface has changed very much; it looks much better and easier to navigate than the earlier versions. And it is now touch screen compatible, so if you have not bought a touch screen device now is the time that you should invest your money into.

The beta version of Microsoft Office 2013 was released on 16th July 2012. There is a word out that the full version will probably released during the early months of 2013, however there is no specific date mentioned by Microsoft about the official release of Office 2013.

This version of MS Office has been designed to be used easily on a touch enabled device, like a tablet or a touch screen monitor on your desktop and laptop.

MS Office 2013
MS Office 2013

Another salient feature added to Office 2013 is the ability to save your files on SkyDrive. It is an online storage feature (cloud technology) that lets you save all your presentations or office files on it.

This feature provides you direct access to all your files that are saved on SkyDrive anywhere, anytime. It even makes it easy for you to access them on multiple Microsoft devices. For example, you could create a presentation at home using your desktop, and then save it on SkyDrive. Once that is done, you can access the saved document on a different device from any place, like a laptop or a tablet device that also has Microsoft Office 2013 installed in it using Internet.

Here is the MS Office 2013 video intro on Youtube:

MS Office 2013 is now available for free download for Home, Small Business and Enterprise customers. Also you can download Office 365 enterprise preview along with the Server edition from this link:

Here’s a look at some new features that has been added to the new Office 2013 –

MS Word 2013

There aren’t many changes made to the Word tool, most of the features are pretty much the same as they were on Office 2010. One small change that has been made to this software is the ability to hide the ribbon on the tool. You can easily hide it while typing to get a better view and unhide it only when you want some editing to be done.

Another advantage of Word 2013 is the ability to edit pdf files. You can open pdf files using Word, edit them and re-save them into the native pdf format.

MS Excel 2013

Excel has also undergone minimal changes; however the appearance looks better than the previous versions. You can hide and unhide the ribbon on this as well and there are some new templates that have been added.

There is a ‘Quick Analysis’ option on Excel 2013, that allows you to analyze and edit your tables easily, even without accessing the ribbon.

MS PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 has some nice features added to it. You can use this tool very efficiently on a touch enabled device. For example, if you are doing a presentation on PowerPoint 2013 using tablet, you can zoom in and zoom out of any slide by simply using two fingers or double tapping on a particular area to zoom in.

You can highlight areas or write on the presentation directly without having to use a marker or a laser on the board.

You can navigate through the slides and work on them easily, using the touch feature. There are some new slide transitions that have been added to this tool as well.

MS Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 has got a brand new look which looks really good. Going through your mails and categorizing them has been made easier for you. With the multi touch feature, you can scroll through multiple areas of Outlook, simultaneously. The interface has been changed; the ribbon and even the folders list can be hidden or unhidden easily with a single touch. There are 2 useful apps added along with outlook 2013 for now, they are Bing Maps & Suggested Appointments.

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You can share any of your presentations, word documents, spreadsheets etc. online and you can post it directly onto your blog, if you are using a blogging platform like SharePoint.

These are just some of the basic features of the beta version; there would certainly be a lot more features added when the full version of Office 2013 is released officially next year.

This post just gives you a sneak peak of what’s in store in the brand new Office 2013, for a detailed hands-on review you can check out these links:




We hope you find this post useful and download MS Office 2013 and try it today, please share it among your friends and let them get a taste of what Microsoft is up to this time around.

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