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If you are in need of the Metro PCS Customer Service Number then we have the information for you. You can call them to sort out your billing technical issues when you give them a call.

MetroPCS Communications is the fifth largest mobile phone service provider in the USA. With over 3600 employees MetroPCS has over 8.9 million customers using its services. The company was launched in 1994 and the headquarters of Metro PCS is located in Texas.

Here in this post I have gathered as much information that I could so that you can talk to the Metro PCS Customer Service with different numbers. Just to keep you aware all the information found here are obtained from different websites on the Internet.

You might also be interested in knowing the phone numbers of AT&T Customer Service Number and TMobile Customer Service in case if you want to switch away from MetroPCS.

Metro PCS Customer Service Number

You can first try this MetroPCS customer service number that I found on their official website before you move onto other numbers: 1-888-863-8768

If you want to write them a letter about their service or products you can do so by writing into this address:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360

So moving onto some other numbers here they are:

Try calling *611 from your Metro PCS phone, it does not work on other networks.

Also you can try 1-800-901-6266 or even 1-800-373-2876 (it’s a Dealers number).

In this age of Digital obsession you should try their Twitter account as well @!/MetroPCS

It is one of the best ways to get in touch with their customer support online. This is their Facebook page:

There is also a trick mentioned on this website where you can directly reach a person:

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  • Gerald Cavalier

    Hi I have a Samsung Craft SCH-R900 from Metro PCS and I forgot my security lock number. What can I do?

  • CheeChee Merritt

    I am trying to disconnect two of the four phone lines on my account and pay only for the two phone lines. I am having a lot of trouble speaking to an agent. Please help

  • CheeChee Merritt

    Why am I not able to get through to any of the numbers to speak with a representative on my matter. This is very bad business and that is why so many people are leaving metropcs. Any other provider gives direct access to their customers. This has got to change!

  • Anaconda

    My GPS is acting up and trying to get Im Touch with a metro pcs rep. Whats the deal, does it have to do with satelites or metro service.

  • maria

    i found a phone from metro pcs could i connect it

  • mrmaserati

    MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service.

    For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

    Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at

  • Ramiro pena

    See my account activity

    • Kamal Hasa

      Hi Ramiro, Do you have an online account with Metro PCS?




    PHONE 81798322525