Megavideo which is often misspelled as Megavideos is one of the biggest movie streaming website in the world. It is from the makers on the premier file uploading site on the Internet.

Megavideo is a video hosting service which is used by people to share, watch movies online.

If you do not pay for the service then you will only to get watch about 72 minutes of continuous video streaming. You will have to wait until the restriction is taken off for your ip address. You can simply use the Megavideo Bypass trick to watch unlimited movies on Megavideo.

In the front page of Megavideo Search you will see the Featured videos, Most recent videos and also Most viewed videos by people like you. can help you waste your time online if you have nothing do.


You can also Download Megavideo videos and content with the help of many websites we have posted. Use Download Accelerator Plus to increase your download speed when you are downloading videos from

Megavideos website can be used to store videos, movies, business presentations etc and share the video link to your family, friends or colleagues without having to worry about the quality of the videos. This is because Megavideo offers reliable and fast video sharing solutions on the Internet.

In order to search in Megavideo you just need to visit this URL: we have already mentioned about various other Megavideo search engine, do check it out.

Do tell us if you are regular Megavideo user and what you like to watch on it for example home videos, funny videos or movies.

If you want to watch unlimited number of videos and upload huge number of videos then you should buy Megavideo premium membership. The 1 month Megavideo premium account will cost 9.99 Euros and a 1 year membership would be 79.99 euros. The lifetime platinum membership is about 199.99 Euros.

Many of the videos and movies that you find on is uploaded on Megavideo and also many other movie streaming websites because of the quality of service.

Share this with others who are new to and help them watch movies online for free.




  1. Ragab says

    The funny part is that these sites that let you upload unlawful content try to charge you for their service. Don’t they realize that their client base is a group who did not pay for the movie in the first place so they would not likely pay on this site also? something to think about

    • Kamal Hasa says

      You are wrong my friend. Megavideo is a successful company which has ruled the market for a long time. In a business you will find all sort of client base, some businesses are just like that!


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