Kik – A Free Messaging App for Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry



Kik Messenger is a Free Smartphone app that you can use it to connect with everyone you want to and also message them for free. The Kik app works on various platforms and also has a huge user base, so this is your cue to install the free app today!

The world of mobile instant messaging clients has acquired another important addition in the person of Kik Messenger 6.0 for iPhone and Android. However Kik is not only an app alternative to your usual texting interface but a smartphone social network as well.

The company advertises its product as being “the best message for your phone”, so we had to check it out and verify the claims. Logging in to the interface, we stumble across a clean and aesthetically pleasing first screen that manages to smoothly ease you in the app. The colors are classy and the appearance is not bulky, but fresh and airy.

The app offers users the possibility to choose between a portrait and landscape keyboard, whatever better suited to their needs. Another great plus of the application is that it doesn’t impose a character limit and most importantly it permits sending texts free of charge.

Visit this link from your phone to download and install Kik App for free:

kik App
Kik App

Another important feature, essential to your mental well being some might say, is that once you send a text, and the text is delivered a little “S” letter will be displayed above it to let you know that the process has been completed. But only when the “S” switches into a “D” you can truly rest assured the information has reached the person in question. Another useful trick, is that the app displays when the recipient actually has read the message. You will become aware of that, when the “D” switches into a “R”. This is one of the big pluses that Kit Messenger offers, and some users might adopt it just because it offers a reliable mean to verify the ware bouts of your sent information.

Other fun features include an extensive library of emoticons to help spice up your texts and the ability to share pictures right within the app. Forget about MMS-s with Kik Messenger sharing photos becomes costless and easy. Initiating group chats and adding photos within such a conversation is also an available option for Kik users.

And that’s not all. Kik enjoys one of the fastest delivery system available on the app market. Some users who aren’t exactly used to texting might even have some trouble adjusting and keeping up with the speed. The network is sensitive enough to show you when the other user is typing, so you don’t superimpose on him/her.

What might make Kik more attractive would be if it had a desktop counterpart, because its verification options are really handy, but so far only the mobile version exists. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and interesting enough with Nokia phones. Hopefully in the future we might see a relevant in-browser application come out of Kik.

Here are some of the links where you can download Kik app from –

1) Kik App for Android:

2) Kik App for Apple iOS:

3) Kik App for Windows:

4) Kik App for Nokia:

5) Kik App for BlackBerry:

So what is your opinion about Kik App? Use the comment section below to let us all know about your experience!

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