Imvisible is an awesome Yahoo Messenger tool to detect your invisible friends online. This online tool will help you know who is deliberately putting themselves in invisible mode and avoiding you.

Friendships are easily made online and sometimes we try to take it to the next level. This is one of the circumstances where tools like Imvisible might come in handy. This is more or less a spy tool to know if a friend of yours on Yahoo messenger is deliberately on Invisible mode.

Even your closed ones on Yahoo messenger might be blocking you with you not realizing it. We are not telling you for sure that there are such people on your messenger list but there is a good chance that everybody has 1 or 2 friends like that. detects if a Yahoo Messenger user is online, offline or simply hiding away from you by being in invisible mode. You do not have to sign up or register with Imvisible, all you have to do is insert a valid Yahoo id and know the real status of the person online.

The service provided by Imvisible is perfectly safe in my opinion since you do not type in any sensitive data like your name, yahoo id or password. So you can easily find out a person’s actual online status without bothering about any problems.

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Imvisible also has other similar tools on its website to check the online status of users on HI5, Facebook apart from Yahoo messenger.

Also they have a service called as Backup Yahoo Messenger ID’s. All it does is access your account and backup or export your buddy list according to your needs.

While you use Imvisible to track a person’s Yahoo Messenger status it also stores the ID on the left hand side as a buddy list. So you can add multiple Yahoo ID’s and in an instant find out if they are offline or simply invisible from you. You can also click on the little x mark next to the ID to delete them from the list.

Imvisible is quite popular in the Yahoo Messenger status detection category of websites. There are plenty of other websites which does the same job and we shall write about them as well in the distant future.

Extra: If the main website is not loading or working properly then try this Romanian version of the site: is popularly known as Yahoo scanner, Yahoo detector, Real Yahoo status detector and many more names. If you believe that this tool was helpful to you then please share it among your friends, it’s a free service after all!




  1. Allan says


    Is it possible for this application to give spurious readings? If so, under what circumstances? Sometimes I get nothing for many days, but yesterday, for example, I got a lot of readings – most for 10 mins and a lot when it would be difficult (although not impossible) for the person to be on line

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Hello Allan, Imvisible is accurate almost all of the times as per my experience.. But it’s just another online tool, so it can throw up wrong readings once in a while..

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