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_______________________ is the best news source for all the Anime fans out there on the Internet. It has got everything about Anime and Manga which you been searching for.

In July 1998 Anime News Network (ANN) was launched and today it has become one of the biggest Anime news websites on the net. It also has the biggest Anime Encyclopedia with over 13,702 titles info related to Anime, TV Series, movies, Specials and related stuff.

Anime News Network Inc owns the website and it is not controlled by any other organization and other media networks. Christopher Macdonald is CEO of the website who is also the Editor-in-chief for ANN.

On ANN you can also get to read latest interviews, Reviews, Ask Questions, info about latest releases in the world of Anime and Manga and other cool stuffs. If you are looking for something specific like a Anime title then do use the search box at the top of the website. You can also the search to only Encyclopepdia or the Forums, by this way you can be sure to find the info you are looking for.

Visit Anime News Network @ and enjoy!

Anime News Network

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The Anime and Manga Encyclopedia  has info such as Alternative titles, Genre info, Theme, Plot summary, User ratings, full list of episodes, DVD releases, Cast and names of the people behind the work.

Check this following link which showcases info regarding the popular Anime Bleach: Bleach Encyclopedia

You can also check out the Anime News Network Forum @

It has various discussions regarding Anime and views, opinions regarding related stuffs from its members. When I checked out the forum there were more than 250 users online, so you can imagine the popularity of the website.

And then there is the anime news network video section @

You can watch the latest trailers of various Anime and Manga from all over the world and other cool videos that will interest you. You can also watch full anime TV shows and series as long as they are not copyrighted. So whatever you get to see on ANN is totally legal and you need not worry about piracy.

The website has 3 different versions based on the following countries: USA, UK and Australia. It is due to the demand and requirement specific to a region, by default it loads the US version.

User registration on Anime News Network is not mandatory except when you want to participate in the forums and also when you submit content on ANN website.

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It has over 23,917 fans as of now, so if you like Anime and need a daily dose of it then this is your best chance.

ANN is also on Twitter with over 25,000 followers @!/anime

Anime News Network will help a lot of Anime and Manga fans to be updated with the latest in the episodes, events, series and more. Do share this article with your Facebook friends and let them know about this website.