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AIM Express is the online version of the AOL Messenger which you can use it to chat with your buddies. There is no need for you to download the Messenger since this application works directly from an Internet browser.

It is based on Adobe Flash and you can easily login to your AIM account and instantly chat with anyone online.

This is quite useful if you do not have AIM messenger installed on your computer. Also, at times where you are outside your house and trying to use a different computer that has no AIM on it.

Features such as File transfer, video conferencing or buddy info is not available on this app. In order to use a feature rich messenger you have to download the AIM Messenger from:

In order to use AIM Express you should have a registered AIM screen name, AOL account or you can also login with your Facebook account. The application opens up in a pop-up window so ensure that your Internet browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome is not blocking it by mistake.

AIM Express

Once you login to your AOL Messenger account using AIM Express you will be able to chat with your friends, view buddy list and more. Below are some of the basic features that you will find in it:

1)    View Full buddy list

2)    Chat with your friends from Facebook, AIM and also Gtalk

3)    View and update status from Facebook

4)    Share things on your Twitter timeline

5)    Update MySpace, Foursquare and much more

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After Facebook took over our Social life online it is that common to see people using instant messengers anymore. But I am sure there are still set of group of friends, colleagues, school mates who still use AOL messenger to communicate and chat. Whatever the case is, IM’s ruled the Internet for more than a decade and it is very unlikely that it will fade away from our memories anytime soon.

Anyways, this AIM web messenger is the easier solution instead of downloading AOL Messenger onto your computer when you need it the most. If you have been using it for a while now let us know how useful it has been for you.

Share this post about AIM Express with your friends and relatives and ask them to chat with you even if they don’t have the messenger installed on their computer.

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  1. gennie says

    looks like AOL is throwing out their AIM Express department, because now when you go to it’s an online AIM client, but it aint aim express.

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